Candlelight Hot Stone Yoga

candlelight hot stone yoga w/ live sound healing savasana

CandlelightHotStoneYogaALLDATESOm Shala Yoga ~ 707.825.964
858 10th Street Arcata, CA

1st, 3rd & 5th Fridays
♥ All levels ♥
$20 drop-in

Therapeutic Benefits of Hot Stone Savasana

  • profound relaxation
  • calms mental activity
  • relieves pain & tension
  • relieves muscle spasms
  • increases blood flow
  • facilitates sense of inner peace & groundedness
  • imparts stability & sense of connection to earth energy

Nourish yourself with a strong 90 minute candlelit hatha yoga practice. Reward your efforts with an extra-long savasana (final resting pose) with sound healing, aromatherapy and hot stones placed on specific areas of the body to promote profound relaxation and opening of the energetic pathways within.

IMG_0049The final 1/2 hour of the class is a restorative hot stone therapy treatment that goes beyond the physical and allows you to enter a deeper sense of tranquility, detoxification and release of stress. Each rock is carefully heated and placed on key points of your body. The energy and weight of the stones penetrate your skin and ground you to the deep rhythm of earth energy creating an overall feeling of health and well-being.

During savasana, live sound healers invoke sacred sound energy to enhance the richness of your inner journey while you receive lavender infused crown massage. Lavender eye pillows, a plethora of blankets and intoxicating essential oils make for an even more delicious savasana. Each class offers a different sound healing modality to attune to and transform consciousness.

Upcoming Sound Healers 

  • August 29thSacred Song of Shiva w/ Jodie DiMinno
  • September 5th: Tibetan Singing Bowls w/ Alex Backman
  • September 19th: Healing Mantra & Sound Bath w/ Shemaia Skywater
  • October 3rd: Didgeridoo Over Your Heart w/ Copal Vasek
  • October 17th: Jupiter Gong Meditation w/ Joan Richards

Roughly 90% of the stones used are basalt or black jade that Artemisia personally hand collected from various sacred wild beaches and rivers in Humboldt County and around California. Each stone was selected with the specific intention of supporting the healing process and heart opening of her students. They carry the wisdom, incredible beauty and energetic essence of the magical places where they were found. Other stones that are not basalt or jade were chosen for their sheer density and the healing benefits of their weight to facilitate grounding when placed for an extended time on the belly, sternum and ovaries. Each stone was received with mindfulness and gratitude for the healing work they were chosen to perform.

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